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Lesson Study

In lesson study, a team of teachers work through cycles of planning, observing, revising, and reflecting on lessons.

What is Lesson Study?

Each cycle involves teachers working collaboratively to develop learning goals and plan a “research lesson.”

  • While one teacher teaches the lesson, the others carefully observe and collect data on students’ responses and thinking. Examination of the student thinking leads to lesson revision.
  • The same day, another teacher teaches the revised lesson while the others observe, allowing the team to reflect on how the revisions impacted student learning.
  • During the debrief, teachers generalize ideas to improve future instruction.

Why Lesson Study?

Research has demonstrated positive impact on student math achievement, deeper math content knowledge among teachers, improved collaboration, and stronger beliefs that students can succeed.

At a Glance

2019-2020 School Year Dates

  • June 6th – Lesson Study Kickoff Workshop (full day)
  • August 1st – Lesson Study Team Orientation Workshop (full day)
  • Three Cycles (Number of cycles may change, depending on number of teams enrolled.)
    • Fall 2019 – Cycle 1 October-November
    • Winter 2020 – Cycle 2 January-February
    • Spring 2020 – Cycle 3 March-April

Expectations of Lesson Study Teams

  • Teams of 4-6 teachers, may be grade level or grade bands.
  • All teachers participate in
    • Lesson Study Kickoff and Orientation Meetings in June and August, and
    • 3 cycles of researching, planning, teaching and/or observing, revising, and analyzing a lesson, including
    • A lesson planning meeting held after school a week prior to each lesson study day (face to face or online-video conference)
  • Schools provide substitutes for the three lesson study days.
  • Teachers will receive a $250.00 stipend and 2 PD credits for completing required activities.

If you are interested, please complete the brief interest form.